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Scaffolding Hire in Caterham

Full House Scaffolding Ltd is one of the leading local scaffolding companies in Caterham. We are a professional family-run business with over 20 years of experience providing friendly and efficient scaffolding hire services to clients in South London.

Based in Sanderstead, we are happy to travel to locations anywhere in a 35-mile radius of our base such as Caterham and Sutton. We construct all types of scaffolding quickly and securely. Our health and safety record is excellent and we offer advice to workers on how to work safely up scaffolding structures.

Working Safely with Scaffolding in Caterham

In this blog post we share some of the top scaffolding safety tips our scaffolding erectors have learnt over their many years providing scaffolding hire in Caterham.

Use Qualified Personnel

Workers who are untrained in safe scaffolding procedures risk injury to themselves and to others. Industry safety rules require personnel to be trained in safe working practices such as ladder usage and working at heights. Scaffolding companies should keep their team up-to-date with industry safety practices. All Full House Scaffolding Ltd scaffolding erectors are highly qualified to Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) standards.

Safely Erect and Secure Scaffolding

During every scaffolding hire job we attend to in Caterham, Full House Scaffolding Ltd ensures a safe and secure scaffolding base is established. Scaffolding erectors have a duty to ensure every element of a scaffolding structure is safe for workers to go on. Take care to check bases are level, legs are braced and secure, ledgers, locks and ties are fixed in place. Guardrails should also be attached when scaffolding is more than 10 feet above the ground.

Inspect and Maintain

It is important to have scaffolding companies or engineering personnel inspect your scaffolding as work continues. Scaffolding is susceptible to wear and damage so for health and safety reasons and for work to continue smoothly, care should be taken to maintain the scaffolding hire solution we’ve provided. Our expert scaffolding erectors provide maintenance checks for clients using scaffolding in Caterham, Sutton and the wider South London areas.

Wear Safety Equipment

Full House Scaffolding Ltd and other scaffolding companies recommend wearing safety equipment at all times on domestic, commercial and industrial sites in Caterham. Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as high-visibility jackets, non-slip footwear and hard hats are excellent safety precautions. For scaffolding workers working at great heights or on scaffolding such as Cantilever scaffolding, safety harnesses are essential.

Keep Areas Clean

Our experienced scaffolding erectors know how frustrating it is to carry out scaffolding work in environments which are untidy and messy. Leaving equipment, machinery, cleaning buckets, paint pots and other obstacles around on platforms is a hazard and can cause trips and dangerous falls. Always remove waste materials from scaffolding and keep areas as tidy and clear as possible for the safety of yourself and others.

Know Your Load

An important element to scaffolding hire services is designing the structure to manage heavy loads. Scaffolding companies such as ourselves provide different types of scaffolding, from lighter weight mobile structures, to sturdy supported scaffolding. When carrying out work using scaffolding at a Caterham or other South London site, workers should be informed of the capacity loads in which the scaffolding structure is built to handle.